Do I have to wear work out clothes or bring a yoga mat?

Nope! The "yoga" part of "laughter yoga" comes from the deep breathing and meditation exercises, not the posing. We will do some light moving about, but nothing major. We would never deny you some athleisure, but feel free to wear whatever you're comfortable in! 

We will be doing some guided meditation at the end, so if you would feel more comfortable on a yoga mat, please bring that along.


What if i've never been to a laughter wellness club?

No problem! It's easy to pick up and newbies are always welcome. Come check it out and learn something new!


How long is a session?

Sessions typically take about an hour.


Does it cost anything to attend?

This will be listed per event. Some clubs we are able to keep free, but others will have a fee associated. We do what we can to make laughter wellness affordable to all!